Women Empowerment

Empowering Women through skills training, job creation, social media, and use of STEAM to develop solutions.


Design for Women Foundation Africa

Design for women is a team that began during a hackathon during which ladies from different backgrounds came up with different solutions to the problems that women are facing today. By the end of that hackathon the team now Other than their interest in innovation for a cause, the is also passionate about impacting the women in STEAM. Every lady on this team has a thing for encouraging girls and women to take up STEAM related roles. The team is committed to mentor-ship and training of ladies to improve their skills so that they can favorably compete in their tech(especially software development) related careers.

Upcoming Events

30 Semptember 2017

Rails Girls Kampala - Ruby Saturdays

For 5 weeks starting 30th September with an Info session to 28th October. The trainings will run every Saturday from 9 am to 1:00 pm .We invite all women but gentlemen are also welcome to learn web development with ruby . The program is free and newbies are more than welcome.


06 October 2017

Joomla Training for Girls

Women are encouraged to Learn Joomla CMS Website Development. It will take place at Hostalite Cyber Academy.