Design for women is an initiative that was formed to come up with solutions that help women in Africa and across the world to deal with social, political, health etc. problems that affect them.

Design for women is a team that began during a hackathon during which ladies from different backgrounds came up with different solutions to the problems that women are facing today. By the end of that hackathon the team now Other than their interest in innovation for a cause, the is also passionate about impacting the women in STEAM. Every lady on this team has a thing for encouraging girls and women to take up STEAM related roles. The team is committed to mentorship and training of ladies to improve their skills so that they can favorably compete in their tech(especially software development) related careers.

Problems faced by women in third world countries;

  • Unemployment
  • Health, maternal health
  • Violence and victim blaming
  • Self esteem
  • Education
  • Poverty

Design for women comes up with creative solutions to help women fight poverty, gender biased issues, and health problems in communities through the use of technology and art.

Design for women foundation also trains women various skills like website development, graphics, and programming, computer and career development skills skills.

Our Vision

To eradicate poverty by narrowing gender gap between boys and girls in web development

To provide hope for women who feel left behind or cannot keep up with the dynamic ICT trends.

Our Mission

To encourage self-sustenance through impacting website development skills to young women

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Susan T Nalumansi
Susan T Nalumansi is a developer and a tech-preneur with an interest in bridging digital gender divide through creating more awareness in women about technology, encouraging and inspiring more girls into STEM. She has worked on a number of tech projects that help in improving women’s social, entrepreneurial and health lives.
Brenda Kahindo
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Nanjekye Joanah
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Nekesa Lorna Patience
Nekesa is the founder of Design for Women foundation Africa which focuses on the use of technology and art to develop solutions that help women in Africa and across the world to deal with social, political, health and other problems that affect women.

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