CMS for Women

Unemployment is still a big challenge for most women in Uganda. Girls graduate from various institutes, but end up settling for degrading jobs because they lack a few skills. This affects even ICT graduates especially those cut off due to lack of skills in various programing languages like java, C#, ruby or python.  CMS (Content Management Systems) website development provides options for women to create employment in the Technology industry.



CMS for Women is an initiative which was started in Uganda to train women in various forms of content management systems like Joomla, wordpress, Drupal, etc.

The ratio of women to men employed in the IT and other technical sectors is still very low due to lack of relevant skills.

Various initiatives have come up to train girls in assorted skills as far as Information Technology is concerned as a bid to narrow the gender gap in the technology industry. These initiatives focus mainly on programming languages and latest edge cutting technologies. These technologies are hard to adapt and keep up with due to their complexity and dynamism. This discourages girls who cannot keep up due to factors like background, upbringing and mental abilities.

Not all users have the same comfort level with technology, but the basic CMS functions of writing and publishing content, and slightly more advanced ones of adding media are usually easy for everyone to grasp. In fact, anyone who can use word-processing software can use a CMS for the basic functions – so you don’t even have to spend much time on training.

CMS website development provides and alternative solution to these girls. Content Management System, or CMS, makes it easy to create a high quality and highly interactive Multilanguage websites without having much technical knowledge. Additionally they are great for creating websites that will have multiple users or large amounts of content.

Content management systems are used worldwide with millions of downloads, in hundreds of languages with thousands of free extensions and plugins. They also provide free support to new and recurring users.

To users, CMS provides freedom, sustenance, and a better way to make a living.


To encourage self-sustenance through impacting website development skills to young women


To eradicate poverty by narrowing gender gap between boys and girls in web development

To provide hope for women who feel left behind or cannot keep up with the dynamic ICT trends.



  • Integrity
  • Competition
  • Hard work
  • Social responsibility
  • Self-sustenance


  • ICT trend awareness
  • Skill development by encouraging girls to try out new skills
  • Job creation through CMS training
  • Encourage women in business broaden their clientele by to setting up online/ virtual shops through online marketing
  • Encourage the use of various modules and plugins CMS provides for business solutions
  • Encourage content creation for website development and maintenance
  • Knowledge sharing through blogging
  • Improving on social wellbeing for girls